customised rather than mass-produced

An engineering office that is specialised in developing and designing complex, highly-efficient and specific turbomachines.

Offering a service that espouses customers' interests and concerns while thinking in terms of goals, costs and solutions.

This was the vision that drove managing director Lennard Lischke to end his successful career at the industry giant Atlas Copco in order to set up JCL back in 2018. With his new company, he consciously set out to do things differently from methods he had become familiar with at his former employer.

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Lennard Lischke – CEO Lennard Lischke – CEO
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Career at the
market leader

Whoever wants to climb the career ladder will always seek employment at a market leader. The benefits are great: a global customer base, a variety of exciting and challenging orders and projects, extensive development opportunities and, last but not least, security. Accordingly, working at Atlas Copco was the fulfilment of a dream for an engineer such as Lennard Lischke, who was specialised in complex industrial machines. For ten years, he worked as a project manager for new machines at the Swedish industrial corporation, whose history spans over 100 years, specialising above all in the installation of turboexpanders and turbocompressors.

Size isn't

JCL's success today would be inconceivable without this experience, but the company is also characterised in equal measure by what Lischke found lacking at Atlas Copco. While working there, he discovered that size isn't always an advantage. In just the same way that manoeuvring in narrow lanes or finding a suitable parking space is difficult with an American road cruiser, a major company with its hundreds of employees scattered among dozens of branch offices around the globe often proves to be immobile, sluggish, slow and inflexible. When speed is of the essence, there is always someone who will slow things down. Any decisive action is guaranteed to be stifled in endless meetings. The drive to innovate is dashed against the dreaded 'but we've always done it that way' mentality. Not the best of conditions for someone who wants to get things moving and is passionate about his profession. Lennard Lischke had no desire whatsoever to conform to this. And bid the company farewell.

Sonja Lischke  – CFO
Sonja Lischke – CFO
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Jakob Buschmann – Head of Sales & Logistics
Jakob Buschmann – Head of Sales & Logistics
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On the
fast lane

Starting from scratch with JCL was most certainly a risk, and one that Lischke took with confidence. He knew that he had acquired a vast amount of expert knowledge and was well-connected. He therefore quickly succeeded in thrilling an expert engineering and sales team with his idea of a turbomachine design & manufacturing facility and gathering them together at his branch office in Krefeld, Germany. The core competence of this young company, which is usually able to clearly underbid other OEMs due to its lower operating costs, is not mass productions, but turbomachines and spare parts that are optimised to meet highly-specific process requirements and geared to high efficiency. Each machine that leaves the production department is a custom production into which high levels of know-how, inventiveness and the will to innovate have flowed, and is always the result of painstakingly interacting with customers and their requirements, needs and wishes in a goal- and solution-driven approach. The objective is to not only meet expectations, but to exceed them if possible in terms of efficiency, specifications, performance and longevity. Occasionally, this might even mean that JCL uses an innovative type of aluminium originally developed for Formula 1 engines in order to design a machine.

Thomas Hardt – Senior Mechanical Engineer
Thomas Hardt – Senior Mechanical Engineer
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Marco Vogt – Project Manager
Marco Vogt – Project Manager
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The strong partner
you can rely on

Despite this vast expertise, the concept of service is writ large at JCL: direct contacts, short response times, high reliability, total commitment, competent advice and friendliness are a matter of course. Our goal is to provide each customer with optimum service. No matter whether a company is enquiring about the production of a turboexpander, has a problem with its machine or just needs a spare part, or whether it is already a loyal regular customer or a new customer. We have made it our mission to demonstrate excellence in everything that we do. We do not compromise on this philosophy.

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