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In the worst case, turbomachine downtime or loss of power can result in seven-figure costs. Our goal is to prevent this or at least limit the damage: through short response times, expert, goal- and solution-oriented telephone advice and remote diagnosis as well as spirited and fast on-site intervention for machine, fault or damage analysis, often with worldwide dispatch within 72 hours and maximum downtimes of five to seven days.

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advice and remote diagnosis

Reliability, speed and extensive focus on solutions: these are what characterise our telephone consultation and remote diagnosis. To the major manufacturers, you and your request are just a number. Conversely, you are highly valued by us and can rely on a response within six hours. We know that the clock is ticking if a turbomachine is on the verge of downtime and that your concern can't be put on the back burner. Our expert advisers record your request and are often able to solve your problem by remote diagnosis after consulting our engineers and transferring additional data.

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on the

It is important to us to offer you absolute expertise and specialist qualifications each time we come into contact. This is the reason we don't divert you to external call centres or leave you holding the line. Instead, you talk directly to our experienced customer advisers and engineers. Short decision-making paths between departments and a perfectly coordinated team guarantee smooth crisis management.

We are therefore able to find the appropriate solution for you as quickly as possible and to act without delay by:

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JCL On-Site Intervention


JCL on-site

worldwide service for turbomachines

Turboexpanders and turbocompressors are complex machines that are used in highly-specific processes. Only an acknowledged expert is able to help in the event of downtime or power loss. If remote diagnosis on the telephone proves unsuccessful, JCL assembles an on-site intervention team to identify the problem and, if possible, rectify the fault by means of repair, optimisation or the installation of a spare part. As long as any necessary spare parts are in stock, we promise our customers a maximum downtime of five to seven days per machine before commissioning can take place again.

Customer service

Comprehensive services at your location

No matter whether it is for installing and commissioning a radial expansion turbine or a turbocompressor, for optimisation, troubleshooting and emergency intervention or for repairing and installing a spare part, JCL will send out an effective expert team to your location within the shortest possible space of time to relieve you of all of the work and with only one goal in mind: to get your turbomachines up and running as required.

We offer the following services:

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Repair
  • Damage analysis
  • Maintenance and general overhaul
  • System optimisation
  • Spare part inventory
  • Seminars and training courses

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