Spare parts for turbocompressors and turboexpanders

spare parts

for turbocompressors and turboexpanders

JCL develops and produces spare parts in OEM quality – or better – for turbomachines from all well-known manufacturers (Atlas Copco, MAN, Siemens, Cryostar, Cameron, etc.). We promise that other manufacturer's machines will run at least as efficiently and effectively as before with our spare parts. The reason being is that we're not satisfied with simply replicating parts as exactly as possible, but are always on the lookout for potential ways of optimisation. In order to determine your needs and wishes, our service includes extensive consulting. We want you to be thoroughly satisfied at the end – and for your turbomachine to deliver the performance that you need.

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just spare parts

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, as the saying goes. We look at turbomachines and their individual parts in exactly the same way. If there's no eye for detail, the end result doesn't function properly either. If you need spare parts – due to natural wear or a defect – we do all we can to help you as quickly as possible and, if feasible, to further increase the efficiency of your machine: thanks to perfect advice, painstaking analysis and the use of superior, innovative materials.

Are you tired of long waiting times with OEMs? Then look forward to the individual, goal-oriented support provided by the JCL customer service! Our aim is to avoid or at least minimise downtimes, because we regard your success as our own.

Our spare parts

In cooperation with our approved vendors, we will supply you with the following categories of bespoke spare parts in OEM quality according to established DIN/ISO standards – often part or the whole of the original manufacturers' standards:

Start-up and commissioning parts:
This is what we call parts that are easily damaged or of which several are needed during installation or commissioning. Among others, these include:

  • Laminate adjusting rings
  • Rigid seals
  • Highly-stressed seals
  • Carbon floating rings
  • Filter cartridges

Maintenance spare parts or two-year spare parts:
These are typical wear parts that have to be renewed at regular intervals. These include e.g.:

  • Sensors
  • Replacement sets for bearings
  • Actuator diaphragms
  • Oil filters
  • Replacement sets for radial shaft seals
  • Seal sets

Critical spare parts or capital spare parts:
Large, important parts that normally last for years and which cause high costs due to long delivery times in the event of a defect. We recommend always having one of these parts in stock for the worst-case scenario. They include e.g.:

  • Rotors
  • Gear sets (pinion shafts and spur gears)
  • Impellers
  • Feeders
  • Downstream guide vanes
  • Oil coolers
  • Bearings
  • Radial shaft seals


Our guarantee for capital spare parts

  • Service life of 20 years/40,000 hours of operation (subject to adherence to the maintenance intervals)
  • 12 months during operation, 18 months after delivery

spare parts

Two paths usually lead to our spare parts:

  • 1. You contact us because you have a problem with your turbomachine:
    Find out our customer service solves your problem (and identifies the required spare part)!
  • 2. You contact us because you know exactly which spare part you need:
    1. We are familiar with the part and can produce and deliver it as quickly as possible
    2. We find the right solution for your machine in OEM quality or better!

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