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JCL supplies bespoke turboexpanders according to currently applicable machine and quality standards. All machine components are manufactured in Germany or Europe according to our engineers' technical drawings. We are particularly specialised in highly-individualised radial expansion turbines for complicated processes, complex gas compositions and high efficiency. Where others throw in the towel is where we really get off to a start.

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Exploit hidden energy potentials
with JCL radial expansion turbines

No matter whether you operate in the oil and gas industries, in the air separation, the chemicals or the metal industries, the efficient operation of your plant and the economic use of the available energy are the basis of your success. This is precisely what our turboexpanders ensure: coordinated perfectly to your processes, they enable the energy concealed in the respective medium to be used in your production – and all at a lower price per kilowatt generated. You lower your energy costs and can even use our radial expansion turbines to power additional downstream processes.


We offer expanders for the following processes and applications:

  • NCG expanders
  • Air seperation
  • Gas seperation
  • Pressure let-down
  • Waste-to-energy
  • ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • Water condensation


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  • Radial expansion turbines and compressors
    Use our expanders to obtain energy for driving a turbocompressor! We develop turboexpander compressors with both magnetic-bearing and oil-bearing drives.
  • Turbo generator packages
    Either directly coupled or with gear for power generation from otherwise unexploited energy potentials.

Parameters of our turboexpanders

  • Single- and multi-stage variants
  • For inlet pressures of up to 100 bar (a)
  • Expansion factors of up to 14.0/impeller


Your success is our benchmark.

The success and satisfaction of our customers are the benchmark by which we measure ourselves. Our destination along the path taken together with you from consulting to on-site installation is only reached when our radial expansion turbine is in situ at your location and delivers the desired output. We bring our many years of experience and expertise in the development and design of high-performance, highly-specific, efficient, durable and innovative turboexpanders to bear in order to accomplish this.

Our guarantee

  • Service life of 20 years/40,000 hours of operation (subject to adherence to the maintenance intervals)
  • Operating time of 4.5 years up to the first major service


Your path to a JCL turboexpander

  • Expert advice:
    We will find the perfect machine solution for you
  • Computer-aided development:
    Use of CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and the finite element method (FEM), 3D CAD design engineering
  • High safety standards:
    Manufacturing according to established machine and quality standards (API 614, API 617, API 670, API 671, API 672, DIN/ISO)
  • Made in Germany:
    Manufacturing by approved vendors
  • Quality inspection:
    Inspection and release of all components by your appraiser
  • Installation and commissioning:
    Our technicians stay on-site until everything is running according to plan

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